"Chelsea Ranger"

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"Chelsea Ranger" is a call and response song, similar to a military cadence, with each line shouted by a "caller", with the crowd repeating.

I wanna be a Chelsea Ranger,
I wanna live a life of danger.
I wanna beat y*ds every week,
Chase 'em up and down the streets.
Here's to the girl who I love best,
Every night I suck her breasts.
Sh*g her standing,
Sh*g her lying,
If she had wings,
I'd sh*g her flying.
Now shes dead.
Not forgotten,
Dig her up,
Sh*g her rotten.
Oooooooooh... Chelsea
Oooooooooh... Chelsea
I'd walk a million miles for one of your goals, for the Cheeeeelsea...
We love you Chelsea, we do,
We love you Chelsea, we do,
We love you Chelsea, we do,
Oh Chelsea we love you.
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