"He Hates Tottenham"

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A song for Brazilian international Willian that caught on shortly after he joined the club at the start of the 2013-14 season. The song was inspired by the fact that he had chosen to join Chelsea despite having had a medical at Tottenham Hotspur, after the Blues made a late bid for the player. First heard in Prague ahead of the 2013 UEFA Super Cup, the Brazilian endeared himself to Chelsea fans by "liking" a video of fans singing the song on the Instagram website.

To the tune of "Tom Hark".

The sh*t from Spurs, they bought his flight,
But Willian he saw the light,
He got the call from Abramovich,
And off he went to Stamford Bridge.
He hates Tottenham, he hates Tottenham,
He hates Tottenham and he hates Tottenham.
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