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"Strolling" is a song by World War 2 double act Flanagan and Allen, which was once popular with Chelsea fans and sung in the ground. A version sung by the Chelsea squad is included on the 1972 Blue is the Colour album, as part of a London medley.

Strolling, just strolling, 
In the cool of the evening air,
I don't envy the rich in their automobiles,
For a motor car is phoney.
I'd rather have Shanks' pony*,
When I'm strolling, just strolling,
With the light of the moon above,
Ev'ry night I go out strolling,
And I know my luck is rolling,
When I'm strolling with the one I love;
Chelsea, Chelsea.
*also sung as "I'd rather shag a pony"
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