2015-16 FA Youth Cup

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D M Year Round Opposition Venue Score Scorers Additional information
16Dec2015 Third Huddersfield Town Home 6-1 Abraham (3), Hanson og, Ugbo, Sterling
22Jan2016Fourth Manchester United Away 5-1 Ugbo, Abraham, Mount, J.Dasilva, Ali
09Feb2016Fifth AFC Wimbledon Away 4-1 Tomori, Maddox (2), Ali
26Feb2016Quarter Final Reading Home 2-1 J.Dasilva, Abraham
18Mar2016Semi Final First Leg Blackburn Rovers Away 1-0 Tomori
08Apr2016Semi Final Second Leg Blackburn Rovers Home 3-1 Sterling, Maddox, Abraham Chelsea won 4-1 on agg.
22Apr2016Final First Leg Manchester City Away 1-1 Mount
27Apr2016Final Second Leg Manchester City Home 3-1 Sterling, Abraham, Tomori Chelsea won 4-2 on agg.

(Player statistics are incorporated into the 2015-16 FA Premier Academy League statistics section)

FA Youth Cup
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