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Blue is the Colour is a 1972 album featuring recordings by the Chelsea squad. It was released on the Penny Farthing label. The title track reached number 5 in the UK singles charts.

Track listing

1. Blue Is The Colour
2. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
3. Football Is (The Name Of The Game)
4. Give Me Back My Soccer Boots
5. London Medley

a) Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner
b) Let's All Go Down The Strand
c) On Mother Kelly's Doorstep
d) Strolling

6. Let's All Sing Together
7. Song Sung Blue
8. Stop & Take A Look
9. Son Of My Father
10. Alouette

Track details

2. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep is introduced by Alan Hudson featuring Peter Osgood.
3. Football is (the name of the game) is introduced by Micky Droy, Peter Feely and Chris Garland.
5. John Boyle, Steve Kember and Tommy Baldwin introduce the London Medley
7. Song sung blue is introduced by Ian Hutchinson, Bill Garner and Marvin Hinton
8. Stop and take a look is introduced by Peter Osgood "I hope you are all enjoying the LP and hope to see you all at the next game"
9. Son of my father is introduced by Eddie McCreadie - "Thanks for buying the record and supporting us"
10. Aloutette is introduced by Eddie McCreadie featuring David Webb as the caller.


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