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Walter's debut novel The Red Hand Gang
Walter Otton (pseudonym) is a Chelsea supporter and author. While not explicitly about Chelsea, his debut novel ‘The Red Hand Gang’ (2012) relates to and references his experiences as a match-going supporter. He has also written for the cfcuk fanzine since 2003. His pen name is derived from combining the first name of his granddad and maiden name of his grandmother.

A self-described practising follower of Jesus, he has also worked extensively with charities, including Regenerate [1] and Spurgeons. [2] He has combined his support for charity with his support for Chelsea in the past, including donating a percentage of royalties from his book sales. His short diary #ROE2RO is described by Walter as "a drive to a gypsy village in Romania with Regenerate. 100% of royalties go directly to give a kid in poverty a hot meal."

Walter cites his influences as, among others, CS Lewis, Irvine Welsh, John King and Roald Dahl. General Lucifer, author of ‘Pantone Blues’ [3] says: “I’m stunned by the militant philanthropic vein that runs through Walter’s work.”


All published by Gate 17

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