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The "zigger zagger" is a derivative of the oggie, oggie, oggie chant. An oggie is Cornish slang for a Cornish pastie and legend has it that this was called out by Cornish woman to make their menfolk aware that they were about to drop the freshly baked pasties down the tin mine. The original chant was adopted locally by the navy and later used at rugby matches. Famous Chelsea supporter, Mickey Greenaway, may well have invented the zigger zagger version as there is little doubt that he introduced this to the football terraces (together with several other chants and songs) in the early sixties. With his booming voice, he would bark out the call and the crowd would reply with an oi, oi, oi. Later the title of a National Youth Theatre play written by Peter Terson in the late 60's about growing up in the terrace culture of the time.

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Zigger zagger, zigger zagger, (oi, oi, oi,)
Zigger zagger, zigger zagger, (oi, oi, oi,)
Zigger, (oi,)
Zagger, (oi,)
Zigger zagger, zigger zagger, (oi, oi, oi!)
Oh when the Blues,
Go steaming in,
Oh when the Blues go steaming in.
I wanna be in that number,
When the Blues go steaming in.
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