1986-87 Reserve Friendlies

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D M Year Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
26Jul1986 Anglesey Area XlAway - Result unknown - could be related to next match
30Jul1986 Anglesey Area XlAwayWon 4-0
2Aug1986 DorkingAwayWon 1-0
5Aug1986 DartfordAwayWon 4-0
8Aug1986 HendonAwayWon 3-2
12Aug1986 KingstonianAwayWon 5-0 Mick Preston Testimonial
16Aug1986 Crystal PalaceAwayWon 3-0 Played @ Mitchem - No details known
20Aug1986 Kuwait XlAwayLost 0-3 Played @ Harlow - No details known
25Aug1986 Harrow Borough AwayWon 3-2
15Nov1986 Chalfont St. PeterAwayWon 7-2 No details known
10Mar1987 Epsom & EwellAwayWon 4-1 Tommy Tuite Testimonial
12May1987 Crawley TownAwayWon 4-2 Steve Breach Testimonial
May1987 Harlow TownAway Won 4-1 no details known
May1987 AldershotAwayWon 1-0 no details known
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