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Bruno Demichelis
Bruno Demichelis.jpg
0Full Name Bruno Demichelis
0Date of Birth c.1948
0Place of Birth Venice, Italy
0Chelsea career 2009-2011
0Role First Assistant Coach
0Previous Roles N/A
0Other clubs AC Milan

Bruno Demichelis is an Italian sports physologist, and was a First Assistant Coach to manager Carlo Ancelotti, who brought his compatriot with him from AC Milan in 2009. Under Ancelotti he oversaw the human performance, scientific and medical side of team preparation, with Paul Clement and Michael Emenalo assisting the manager with technical and football-specific matters. Demichelis left the club with Ancelotti at the end of the 2010-11 season. [1]

Born in Venice, Italy, Demichelis is fluent in English, having worked in an English-speaking glass blowing factory as a youngster in his native city, followed by time spent studying in the United States. He is a black belt in karate, and was European champion and twice silver medallist at the World Championships in Tokyo. As an expert in motivational psychology he has given lectures to top executives of Italy's leading companies. [2] [3]


Demichelis had been a member of the AC Milan backroom team since 1987, and was one of the originators of the famed 'MilanLab', the introduction of which coincided with a prolonged period of on-field success for the Italian club, resulted in a reported 90% reduction in injuries upon its introduction, and is credited with helping Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Costacurta play at the top level into their 40s [4]. Demichelis described the philosophy behind MilanLab, which he introduced at Chelsea, shortly after joining the club:

"MilanLab is an application of a very simple idea, which is putting the person at the centre and trying to have a holistic approach to working on injury prevention. It is trying to be really proactive which means trying to predict and prevent injury as much as possible instead of reacting when they are injured.

It is trying to be professional in every area. We will try to be more scientific so we try to make decisions based on data and information rather than opinion - that is in the tactical, the technical, the nutritional, the biochemical, the psychological etc." [5]

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