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When the Chelsea Youth team was formed in 1947, the first competitions that they entered were the Harrow Youth League for the first five seasons of their existance, winning it twice in the last two seasons. This, it would appear, was either for younger players, or could certainly be considered the second team, the first team playing in the Harrow, Wembley and District League (An affiliate competition probably).

The following brief article regarding the formation of the youth team appeared in the Chelsea programme of the 13th. September 1947 :-

“Our supporters will be interested to know that our scheme for encouraging the youngsters who show real promise is now well in hand.

From among the many hundreds of applications we received, about 500 boys were given a trial in a series of games.
This, of course, meant very hard work for all concerned in the organisation of the scheme, but from this careful “weeding out” process we found about 30 lads we considered worth taking under our wing”.

In addition to the League, the team also competed in the Junior League Cup, possibly called the Beaumont Cup.


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