Ruud Kaiser

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Ruud Kaiser
0Full Name Ruud Kaiser
0Date of Birth 26 December 1960
0Place of Birth Amsterdam, Holland
0Chelsea career 2006-07
0Role n/a
0Previous Roles Youth Team Manager
0Other clubs RBC Roosendal
Netherlands Under-17s
Dynamo Dresden

Ruud Kaiser (born 26 December 1960 in Amsterdam, Holland) is a former Youth Team Manager at Chelsea.


Ruud had a long playing career as a striker which included spells in Holland, France, Belgium and England with Coventry City. Upon retirement he moved into coaching and scouting and worked with the Dutch national youth teams, coaching a talented Under-17 unit to great success in the first half of the 2000s.

Chelsea career

In 2006 Ruud was hired as the Under-18 coach at Chelsea, in a move facilitated by Frank Arnesen and Piet de Visser, a veteran Dutch scout and key advisor to Roman Abramovich. Working with a number of newly arrived scholars, his tactical approach differed greatly from that regularly seen in England and often adopted unusual formations, such a a 3-3-4 or a 5-2-3. However, he was to last one season, with the club not satisfied that he was the man to further the development of the young talents at his disposal.

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