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The Eastern Counties League Cup was a subsidiary competition to the Eastern Counties League on a knock-out basis.
In the first season Chelsea finished as Runners-up to Tottenham Hotspur; the following season going one stage further, becoming winners when they beat Gillingham 4-2 in the Final. Unfortunately, in the last three years that Chelsea competed in this competition they played a total of just five matches.
Here are the results of the matches followed by the overall players’ statistics for the five seasons combined.



D M Year Season Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
18Sep19481948/49Great Yarmouth TownAwayDrew 2-2 aet 1st. Round
9Oct19481948/49Great Yarmouth TownAwayDrew 1-1 aet 1st. Round Replay
20Nov19481948/49Great Yarmouth TownAwayWon 3-1 1st. Round 2nd. Replay
8Jan19491948/49Ipswich TownHomeWon2-0 2nd. Round
4Apr19491948/49ArsenalAwayDrew 2-2 aet Semi-Final Round
12Apr19491948/49ArsenalHomeWon 1-0 Semi-Final Round Replay
23Apr19491948/49Tottenham HotspurAwayLost 0-1 Final Round
12Sep19491949/50ArsenalHomeWon 3-0 1st. Round
17Dec19491949/50Great Yarmouth TownAwayWon 3-1 aet 2nd. Round
4Feb19501949/50Kings LynnAwayWon 3-1 Semi-Final Round
24Apr19501949/50GillinghamAwayWon 4-2 Final Round
27Sep19501950/51GillinghamHomeLost 1-2 aet 1st. Round
19Sep19511951/52Norwich CityHomeWon 3-1 1st. Round
19Jan19521951/52GorlestonAwayLost 1-2 2nd. Round
6Sep19521952/53Clacton TownAwayWon 2-0 1st. Round
26Jan19531952/53Tottenham HotspurHomeLost 3-5 3rd. Round

Squad statistics


  • ECLC = Eastern Counties League Cup

Squad statistics

Name 1948/9 1949/50 1950/1 1951/2 1952/3 Total
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
John Allister003200200052
Ronald Bell000000201030
P. Bessex000010100020
Andy Bowman000000101020
William Brewster000000201030
P. Brook000000001010
John Burn101000000020
Mike Collins000000001010
Alan Dicks000000200020
Charlie Dyke312200001063
Stan Edwards001100130024
Malcolm Evans502000000070
Dickie Foss6120101000101
Bert Hill200010200050
Harold Hughes000000100010
Andrew Jackson000000001212
Thomas Jenkins001000000010
Benny Jones002000000020
Len Kell000000002020
Jimmy Leadbetter004400000044
Fred Lewis003010001050
Robert Mayes000000101020
John McKim303100000061
Laurie Mitchell000000001010
Iain Montgomery000010000010
Thomas Nekrews000000001010
David Neville000010000010
Eric Parsons000000101020
Ernie Randall000000002222
Bill Robertson303010000070
Bill H Robertson300000000030
Viv Rowland601000000070
Alan Rule000000001010
Jack Saunders601000000070
Joe Simner520000000052
Eddie Smith000010110021
Jimmy Smith000000100010
Michael Smith630000000063
Bobby Smith100011000021
Miles Spector000000002121
Dick Spence712000000091
Ken Suttle500000000050
Albert Tennant202010200070
Peter Tuck000000101020
J. Wall000010000010
Robert Warren101000000020
Les Weston002000000020
Dick Whittaker000000002020
Harry Wilkinson504000000090
Jimmy Wilson6342000000105
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