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Between 1947/48, when the Chelsea Youth team was formed, and until 1971/72 the club entered the London ‘Youth’ Cup. It would seem that this may have had two different names, but would appear to have been the same competition.
Between 1947/48 and 1962/63, plus the 1969/70 and 1970/71 seasons the competition was called ‘’’The London Minor Cup’’’; however, between 1963/64 and 1968/69, together with the 1971/72 season the competition was called ‘The London Youth Cup’’’.
For ease, I am going to refer to the competition, in both forms, as ‘’’London Youth Cup’’’.
Chelsea were to win the competition on eight occasions, including a hat-trick between 1952/53 and 1954/55. They were also losing finalists on a further five occasions.
Unfortunately little information is known about line-ups up to 1954/55, just a few being known, but here are all of the details known about matches in this competition.



Season Day D M Year Round Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
1947-48 1947First Fernhead Road Y. C. Won - Walkover to Chelsea
1947-48 1947SecondSouthallAwayDrew1-1 aet.
1947-48 1947Second ReplaySouthallAwayWon3-0
1947-48Sat7Feb1948Third Durnsford RangersHomeWon7-0 Played at Stamford Bridge
1947-48 1948Fourth Cheshunt JuniorsAwayWon2-1
1947-48 1948Semi-FinalUnivacAwayWon4-0
1947-48Wed14April1948Final Eton ManorHome Lost0-1 Played at Stamford Bridge
1948-49Sat6Nov1948First Tottenham HotspurAwayLost2-3 Meadows & Armstrong scored
1949-50Sat15Oct1949First Harrow Boys ClubHome Won14-0
1949-50Sat 1949Second Streatham RoversAway Won13-0
1949-50Sat1949Third Rugby Boys ClubAwayWon11-0
1949-50Sat1950Fourth unknown opponent Won - walkover to Chelsea
1949-50Sat11Feb1950Semi-Final Dulwich HamletHomeWon2-0 Played at Stamford Bridge
1949-50Sat 17Apr1950Final Tottenham HotspurHome Won3-0 Played at Stamford Bridge
Bobby Smith (2) & Mayes scored.
1950-51Wed14Oct1950First Mayfield Won20-0
1950-51 1950Quarter-Final Dulwich Hamlet Lost2-3
1951-52 Jan1952Semi-Final ROFSA AwayWon7-1
1951-52 1951Final Tottenham Hotspur Home - Match held-over until following season
1952-53 15Sep1952Final Tottenham Hotspur HomeWon3-1 Played at Stamford Bridge.
1952-53 6Dec1952Round Bexleyheath & WellingAway - It is assumed that Chelsea lost the match.
1953-54 5Dec1953First Tottenham HotspurHome Won3-2
1953-54 6Feb1954Semi-Final BrentfordHome Won3-2 aet.
1953-54 31Mar1954Final Eton ManorAway Won5-3 Played at Highbury
1954-55 4Dec1954 Round West Ham UnitedHome Won1-0
1954-55 5Feb1955Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurAway Won1-0
1954-55 30Apr1955Final Leyton OrientHome Won4-0 Played at Stamford Bridge
1955-56 3Dec1955First ArsenalAway Won9-0
1955-56 11Feb1956Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurAway Lost0-3
1956-57 1Dec1956First Eton ManorHome Won15-0
1956-57 5Jan1957Second WoodfordHome Lost4-6
1957-58 30Nov1957First West Ham UnitedHome Won5-1
1957-58 18Jan1958Second Eton ManorHome Won15-1
1957-58 1Mar1958Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurHome Won6-3
1957-58 10May1958Final BexleyheathAway Lost2-3
1958-59 1Dec1958First West Ham UnitedAway Won2-1
1958-59 25Feb1959Second FulhamAway Won4-1
1958-59 9Apr1959 Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurAway Drew1-1 aet.
1958-59 20Apr1959Semi-Final Replay Tottenham HotspurHome Won3-0
1958-59 23Apr1959Final Queens Park RangersAway Won4-2
1959-60 14Nov1959First BexleyheathHome Won3-0
1959-60 22Mar1960Second Tottenham HotspurHome Won4-2 aet.
1959-60 5May1960 Semi-Final West Ham UnitedHome Lost0-2
1960-61 27Sep1960First Queens Park RangersHome Won5-0
1960-61 25Oct1960Second BarkingAway Won10-0
1960-61 18Apr1961 Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurAway Won3-2
1960-61 10May1961Final ArsenalAway Won6-1
1961-62 25Apr1962 Semi-Final FulhamAway Won3-2 Played for 2 points and Cup.
1961-62 4May1962Final ArsenalHome Won4-2
1962-63 3Nov1962First BrentfordHome Won4-0
1962-63 22Dec1962Second ArsenalHome Won3-1
1962-63 4Apr1963 Semi-Final Bexleyheath & WellingAway Won3-1
1962-63 27May1963Final West Ham UnitedAway Lost0-2
1963-64 30Oct1963First Queens Park RangersAway Won4-2
1963-64 9Dec1963Second Crystal PalaceAway Lost0-2
1964-65 31Oct1964First Leyton OrientHome Won2-1
1964-65 17Feb1965Second Queens Park RangersHome Lost1-2 aet.
1965-66 1Mar1966Second MillwallAway Won2-1
1965-66 4Apr1966Semi-Final FulhamAway Won2-0
1965-66 9May1966Final Charlton AthleticAway Lost0-3
1966-67 14Nov1966FirstFulhamAway Won3-2
1966-67 6Feb1967SecondQueens Park RangersHomeWon3-1 Played at Stamford Bridge
1966-67 1Mar1967Semi-FinalCrystal PalaceAway Lost0-1
1967-68 5Feb1968Second Tottenham HotspurAway Lost1-4
1968-69 13Nov1968First Crystal PalaceAway Won2-1
1968-69 2May1969Semi-Final OrientAway Won1-0 aet.
1968-69 17May1969Final Tottenham HotspurAway Won2-1
1969-70 17Dec1969Second FulhamAway Lost0-2
1970-71 21Dec1970First MillwallAway Won2-1
1970-71 22Apr1971Semi-Final Tottenham HotspurAway Lost1-2
1971-72 13Dec1971First West Ham UnitedHome Won1-0
1971-72 20Mar1972Semi-Final MillwallHome Won4-1
1971-72 24Apr1972Final Crystal PalaceAway Lost0-1

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