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"Amsterdam, Amsterdam We Are Coming""André Schürrle""Ashley Cole's Won the European Cup"
"Aye, Aye, Aye-Aye""Back On The Ball"
"Blue Day""Blue Tomorrow""Blue is the Colour"
"Born Is The King Of Stamford Bridge""Carefree"
"Celery""Charlie the King""Chelsea" (1970 single)
"Chelsea (Amazing Grace)""Chelsea (Hold Tight)""Chelsea Alouette"
"Chelsea Are The Team For Me""Chelsea Independent""Chelsea Ranger"
"Chelsea We Love You""Come Along, Come Along""Come On and Cheer Again"
"Demba Demba Ba""Didier Drogba""Double, Double, Double"
"F*ck 'em all""Florent Malouda"
"Gianfranco Zola""He's Here, He's There""He Hates Tottenham"
"Hello! Hello! (We Are The Chelsea Boys)""Hello, Hello, Samuel Eto'o""His Name is Tommy Baldwin"
"I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles""If You're Standing on a Corner"
"If You Go Down To The Shed Today""In Your Liverpool Slums""It's Vialli"
"It Was Wayne Bridge's Goal""Ivanović"
"Jingle Bells""José Mourinho""Juliano Belletti"
"Keithy Weller On The Wing""Knees Up Mother Brown"
"Matić, in the Middle of our Pitch""Matthew Harding's Blue and White Army""Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner"
"Michael Essien""Molly Malone""No One Can Stop Us Now"
"Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy""Oh Dennis Wise""Oh West London"
"One Di Matteo""One Man Went to Mow""One Step Beyond"
"Only Team In London With A European Cup""Robben's Good""Score, Score, Score"
"Strolling""Super Frank""That's Why We Love Salomon Kalou"
"The Blue Flag""The Bouncy""The Famous Tottenham Hotspur Went to Rome to See The Pope"
"The Liquidator""The Mighty Shed""Tore, Tore André Flo"
"Walking Down The Fulham Road""We'll Fight Fight Fight for the Chelsea""We're the Best Behaved Supporters in the Land"
"We're the Middle of the Shed""We're the Only Team in London with a European Cup""We've Got Tony Cascarino"
"We All Follow the Chelsea""We All Hate Leeds""We Are the Famous, the Famous Chelsea"
"We Don't Care About Rafa""We Had Tottenham on the Run""We Hate Those Bastards in Claret and Blue"
"We Love You Chelsea""We Won 6-1 at the Lane"
"When Wise Went Up""Wings of a Sparrow""You Are My Chelsea"
"Zigger Zagger""Zigger Zagger Song""cfcuk"
1860 Munich 2-2 Chelsea (1965-66 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 4th Round 1st Leg)1905-06 FA Cup
1905-06 Friendlies1905-06 London League1905-06 Reserve Friendlies
1905-06 South Eastern League1905-06 season
1906-07 FA Cup1906-07 Friendlies1906-07 London League
1906-07 Reserve Friendlies1906-07 South Eastern League
1906-07 season1907-08 FA Cup
1907-08 Friendlies1907-08 Reserve Friendlies1907-08 South Eastern League
1907-08 season1908-09 FA Cup
1908-09 Friendlies1908-09 Reserve Friendlies1908-09 South Eastern League
1908-09 season1909-10 FA Cup
1909-10 Friendlies1909-10 LCC CUP1909-10 London League
1909-10 Reserve Friendlies1909-10 South Eastern League1909-10 season
1910-11 FA Cup1910-11 Friendlies1910-11 LCC CUP
1910-11 London League1910-11 Reserve Friendlies
1910-11 South Eastern League1910-11 season1911-12 FA Cup
1911-12 Friendlies1911-12 LCC CUP1911-12 Middlesex Professional Reserve Cup
1911-12 Middlesex professional Reserve Cup1911-12 Reserve Friendlies
1911-12 South Eastern League1911-12 season1912-13 FA Cup
1912-13 Friendlies1912-13 LCC CUP
1912-13 Middlesex Professional Reserve Cup1912-13 Reserve Friendlies1912-13 South Eastern League
1912-13 season1913-14 FA Cup
1913-14 Friendlies1913-14 LCC CUP1913-14 Middlesex Professional Reserve Cup
1913-14 Reserve Friendlies1913-14 South Eastern League1913-14 season
1914-15 FA Cup1914-15 Friendlies
1914-15 LCC CUP1914-15 Reserve Friendlies1914-15 South Eastern League
1914-15 season1915-16 Friendlies1915-16 season
1916-17 Friendlies1916-17 season
1917-18 season1918-19 Friendlies1918-19 season
1919-20 FA Cup1919-20 Friendlies
1919-20 LCC CUP1919-20 Reserve Friendlies1919-20 season
1919-20 season London Combination League1920-21 FA Cup
1920-21 Friendlies1920-21 LCC CUP1920-21 Reserve Friendlies
1920-21 season1920-21 season London Combination League1921-22 FA Cup
1921-22 Friendlies1921-22 LCC CUP
1921-22 Reserve Friendlies1921-22 season1921-22 season London Combination League
1922-23 FA Cup1922-23 Friendlies
1922-23 LCC CUP1922-23 Reserve Friendlies1922-23 season
1922-23 season London Combination League1923-24 FA Cup
1923-24 Friendlies1923-24 LCC CUP1923-24 season
1923-24 season London Combination League1924-25 FA Cup1924-25 Friendlies
1924-25 LCC CUP1924-25 Reserve Friendlies
1924-25 season1924-25 season London Combination League1925-26 FA Cup
1925-26 Friendlies1925-26 LCC CUP1925-26 Reserve Friendlies
1925-26 season1925-26 season London Combination League
1926-27 FA Cup1926-27 Friendlies1926-27 LCC CUP
1926-27 Reserve Friendlies1926-27 season
1926-27 season London Combination League1927-28 FA Cup1927-28 Friendlies
1927-28 LCC CUP1927-28 Reserve Friendlies
1927-28 season1927-28 season London Combination League1928-29 FA Cup
1928-29 Friendlies1928-29 LCC CUP1928-29 Reserve Friendlies
1928-29 season1928-29 season London Combination League
1929-30 FA Cup1929-30 Friendlies1929-30 LCC CUP
1929-30 Reserve Friendlies1929-30 season
1929-30 season London Combination League1930-31 FA Cup
1930-31 Friendlies1930-31 LCC CUP1930-31 season
1930-31 season London Combination League1931-32 FA Cup
1931-32 Friendlies1931-32 LCC CUP1931-32 season
1931-32 season London Combination League1932-33 FA Cup
1932-33 Friendlies1932-33 LCC CUP1932-33 Reserve Friendlies
1932-33 season1932-33 season London Combination League1933-34 FA Cup
1933-34 Friendlies1933-34 LCC CUP
1933-34 Mid-Week League1933-34 season1933-34 season London Combination League
1934-35 FA Cup1934-35 Friendlies
1934-35 LCC CUP1934-35 Mid-Week League1934-35 Reserve Friendlies
1934-35 season1934-35 season London Combination League1935-36 FA Cup
1935-36 Friendlies1935-36 LCC CUP
1935-36 Mid-Week League1935-36 season1935-36 season London Combination League
1936-37 FA Cup1936-37 Friendlies
1936-37 LCC CUP1936-37 Mid-Week League1936-37 Reserve Friendlies
1936-37 season1936-37 season London Combination League1937-38 FA Cup
1937-38 Friendlies1937-38 LCC CUP
1937-38 Reserve Friendlies1937-38 season1937-38 season London Combination League
1938-39 FA Cup1938-39 Friendlies
1938-39 LCC CUP1938-39 Mid-Week League1938-39 Reserve Friendlies
1938-39 season1938-39 season London Combination League
1939-40 Friendlies1939-40 League War Cup South1939-40 Wartime League
1939-40 season1940-41 League War Cup South1940-41 Wartime League
1941-42 Friendlies1941-42 League War Cup South1941-42 Wartime League
1942-43 Wartime League1943-44 Wartime League1944-45 Friendlies
1944-45 Wartime League1944-45 season London Combination League1945-46 FA Cup
1945-46 Friendlies1945-46 Reserve Friendlies1945-46 Wartime League
1945-46 season Football Combination Cup1945-46 season London Combination League
1946-47 FA Cup1946-47 Friendlies
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